Finishing Touches Handbags and Accessories

Finishing Touches Handbags and Accessories in the Downtown Marketplace

Created by Cathy Hefflinger, you can see the handbags and accessories at The Downtown Marketplace, 733 North Perry Street, Napoleon, Ohio, sponsored by Napoleon Alive, Inc.

These handbags are fun and enjoyable with bright colors, beads, sequins, animal prints and college team bags. Some are accessorized with ribbon, fur or feathers.

These handbags are reasonably priced. If you don't have your hook on handbags yet you can buy yours in the Finishing Touches Handbags and Accessories booth. It is a must for dining out!

Finishing Touches has a variety of classy watches, earrings, slides, necklaces and omegas all moderately priced. There is also a new selection of scarves, shawls and stylish hats.

Cathy always says..some gals exercise but she accessorizes.

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